Reflections on overcoming attachment

Pride and sexual attachment kill more spiritual beings than any other delusions.  We saw this with Gen-la Samden and others.  I see this within myself.  Divine pride and bliss is correct, but lacking clear discriminating wisdom and strength of pure motivation we become deceived by pride and sexual attachment.  These come before the fall.  If once we do fall we do not acknowledge and admit our mistake, then we can never pick ourselves back up again.  What scares me most about the Gen-la Samden story is how when he came back he could not admit his mistake but continued to insist he hadn’t made any.  As long as we do not admit and acknowledge our mistakes and negativity as such we can never start again.  It does not matter that we fall.  It is normal, it will take many tries just like in learning to master a video game.  We identify and acknowledge our errors, learn something for next time, pick ourselves up and try again.  But if our pride does not allow us to identify and acknolwedge our errors, but instead tries to justify and rationalize why we made none, then there is no picking ourselves up and moving on.  
I just had a dream.  This is what I understood from it.  When you generate attachment for somebody, even slight that you are not expressing, it functions to push that person away from you.  When you are their connection to the spiritual path or a spiritual life, the net effect of your attachment is to destroy their spiritual life.  But when you keep more of a distance, but remain open and ready to help, then it creates the space for people to come towards you from their own side.  When they do, though, you need to be careful to not generate attachment for them again, because if you do, then new obstacles to your relationship will arise.  

One thought on “Reflections on overcoming attachment

  1. I really liked that, and was perfect for me to think about, not so much from the view you were stating as the attachee, but as the attacher, (as I’m someone who gets attached to even a waitress for one meal!) that too can if not destroy cetainly stunt spirtual life or growth. For me, when I become attached to the person who is my spiritual connect for that time, I would always be looking for validation of my own thoughts, but would probably prefer their thoughts, and I think I would appear needy, which would probably do one of two things. Either push that person away, as you said, or create an unhealthy exaggerated connection, especially for someone who is vulnerable, placing both sides in jeapordy I would think. It’s amazing how easy it is to get attached. I wonder if it is because it deceptively appears that we are cared for, and have someone who will answer the call or cry, what ever the case may be. Or maybe when you realize that you can learn to care for yourself, and be your own answers, there is a bit of loneliness that comes along with that.I know this is a far from the Samden saga, but maybe not so much…any attachment would indicate some sort of neediness, and that always has the potential to have sexual implications or potentials? Okay, that was alot just to say what you wrote was pretty cool, Hope you are having a wonderful festival!

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