Reflections on reliance upon Dorje Shugden

Dorje Shugden is my real Sangha now.  I need to surrender my life entirely to him.  I need to surrender my retreat to him and his control.  He emanates exactly what I need to work on, and my job is to practice Dharma in the face of whatever arises.  He has the power to harness my virtuous and negative karma for my enlightenment.  
Ultimately, I need to completely surrender myself to DS and see what happens.
The request for this life can be ‘please help me to be ready to leave at the end of this life.’  This eliminates the pride of it is a given while still keeping the value of having made a definitive decision to leave at the end of this life.  It also specifies what I must do between now and then, namely get ready.
It is also a good idea for me to start doing the full Dorje Shugden part because it is by wishing for the Dharma to flourish and be protected in the world that I create the causes for it to flourish in my mind and in my world.  My whole world (whole mind) need to be freed, not just me.  For this to happen, the whole world must have pure spiritual teachings and wish to follow them.  For myself, I apply effort to gain realizations so that I can later help others with them.  If I gain realizations with this intention, then the conditions will arrange themselves for me to be able to share them.  For others, I pray to Dorje Shugden that he cares for them in the most appropriate ways according to their karmic dispositions.  I am currently quite limited in what I can do directly for others, but he is without limit.  They are my spiritual children, but I lack the ability to care for them.  I must entrust them into his care.  To not do so is to neglect them.  What good parent neglects their children?
These are some of the dedications/requests I make to Dorje Shugden:
1.  I offer you every atom in my body, every thought in my mind, every appearance in my world, please use them all for the enlightenment of all beings.
2.  I entrust my life completely to you.  Please do with me whatever needs to be done.
3.  Please purify everything that stands in the way of you completely taking over my life, internally and externally.
4.  Please protect and guide my retreat.
5.  Please do not let me arrive at death not being ready to go to the pure land.
6.  May my every action be dedicated to building my pure land.
7.  Please help me to take my place within VGL’s holy mandala.
I should request Dorje Shugden, “I entrust my life to you, please be my enlightened Game Master.”
If you engage in the mental action of recognizing everything that appears as having been emanated by Dorje Shugden, this mental action plants the karma on your mind to have this actually be the case in the future, where everything that does arise is indeed emanated by him.  This mental action gives him the karmic material to work with.  Further, by adopting this recognition now, he enters into every appearance that appears now, and through this you receive his wisdom blessings.  His blessings function to bestow upon you the wisdom to understand how everything that does arise is indeed perfect for your enlightenment and that of all living beings.  With this understanding, there is no basis for generating delusions with respect to anything that arises.  
I need to have DS take over my entire world, not only for me but for all of the beings in my dream.  The pure world I am building has him as its govenor.  I request him to manage and govern this world, so that everything that karmic ally arises is perfect for the swiftest possible enlightenment of each and every living being.  I request that he takes all the beings of my dream into his loving care and protection.  That everything that arises to the mind of every being function as a powerful cause of their enlightenment.  I request that things not be uncontrolled by the SC mind, but controlled by him.  By me making these requests and maintaining this recognition, it will become the reality of my dream.  In the short run, in the form of wisdom blessings; and in the long run, in the form of karmic emanations arising from these mental actions.  I will gain the wisdom to be able to understand how anything that happens to anybody is actually perfect for their enlightenment, then I simply share my perspective with them.  They can then come to see how it is perfect for them as well, and then they can happily relate to their adversity in this way.  Then we can use the suffering generated by SC as a means of destroying it.  Also, by making these requests, I create the causes for him to take over my life and to protect me.
Dorje Shugden is not limited to managing what externally arises, but he is more powerful at managing what internally arises.  I have weakly relied upon him for that.  He is even more powerful for what secretly arises.  I have not relied upon him at all for that.  Much of my motivation of late has been aimed at whatever is best for these external changes.  This is good, but it is largely a worldly motivation.  I need to not lose sight of the bigger picture.
My requesting DS to take over the management of your karmic dream, requesting him to use every appearance for the enlightenment of all beings, and then adopting the view that this is now the case, everything is indeed arising in this way (believing faith) then you will gain the wisdom that sees how this is in fact the case.  Then nothing will be a problem for you, and you will have the wisdom necessary to help others see things the way you do and thereby they will not have a problem with anything either.  In this way, you transform your samsaric world into the experience of being in the pure land.  Then, in dependence upon this view and these mental actions over a long period of time, you plant the karma on your mind so that this becomes your living reality.  Then you are actually in the pure land.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on reliance upon Dorje Shugden

  1. Such faithful Bodhisattvas are like Supernovas in the darkness of space destroying negativity, i love it. Your DS practice is inspiring to me.

    The main thing for me is to remember that all things are not separate from my own mind. I already have everything. So if I want realizations i know that they are already there in mind, almost like on an invisible string. A protector practice aligns the intentions to bring it to fruition in the external/internal world.

    Also, I don’t rely on JTK enough! I guess I still have many issues with this one but I still have a protector practice just not a formal DS practice.

    What i really seek is the union of Vajrasattva and the protector. This would be an unstoppable and very practical practice!

  2. ‘please help me to be ready to leave at the end of this life.’ This eliminates the pride of it is a given while still keeping the value of having made a definitive decision to leave at the end of this life’

    But in Tantra we practice divine pride. Personally, in my mind somewhere the pureland is already there. I will make it. If i believe this totally and align my intention in this direction that is what will be created. Without doubt. So i can be super confident. You are asking the protector part of your self to be ready. So a part of you assumes you are not ready, like an internal intention battle. And when you intend you are not ready you create obstacles to being ready. You are ready now, ready today.

    • While I understand your point, be careful to not grasp at an inherently existent self-generation or enlightenment. When I am Ryan (by default), which is how I currently spend the majority of my day despite my best efforts, such thoughts are very helpful. When I feel I am Heruka (by effort in my practice), I have no need for such thoughts since I am already there. Different Dharma minds are appropriate at different times depending upon what is ripening in our mind at any given time. There is no contradiction nor fault by acknowledging this and practicing accordingly. I know you know this, I am just pointing it out just in case somebody else ever reads this! 🙂 If it is just us, that’s OK too, because we are Sangha and therefore support each other’s development through our mutual love of discussing this stuff!!!

  3. You make a good point, i like playing devils advocate so there is a weeding out of doubts. As we’ve said before there is no need to make an enemy of the good and we practice from different viewpoints at different times. I guess what really matters is that we enjoy it and know for sure that we are doing all we can to attain the final goal. And I am sure that many come across these posts and laugh at how deluded we both are ha ha 🙂

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