Reflections on overcoming laziness

Non-activity is a bottomless pit.  The less you do in order to ‘relax’, the less you want to do, the more tired you become.  Then you do even less, which causes the whole cycle to start over again.  The final destination of this is doing nothing.  This is the cycle of laziness.  It is good that our lives are so demanding because it keeps us on our toes and engaged.  It leaves no space for laziness to take over.  
Two good sayings that came to me today:
1.  Don’t leave for others things what can be done by you.  (similar to why put off until tomorrow what you can do today.)
2.  Every day, make the decision to become a better person.
The ocean of omniscient wisdom is created drop by drop.  I need to be content to add little drops of wisdom every day.  Little by little, these drops grow and gradually fill the ocean.  Sometimes they come together for something earth-shattering, but usually wisdom arises from the gradual cummulation of little insights over the course of a lifetime.  I gain these insights by applying effort to use the Dharma to solve my daily problems, or to learn the Dharma that my life reveals.  

One thought on “Reflections on overcoming laziness

  1. Non-activity is action and resting with good intent is vital to spiritual life.

    A mind of retreat/reflection notices laziness because one wishes to take control over ones actions.

    Deciding to vow simple achievable things, yes, is the foundation!

    Foundations expel laziness. Building a huge palace brick by brick takes much effort. If one has to keep reworking to uphold foundations, the whole thing comes down. If foundations are there one can marvel at it, rejoice at it and move forward without discouragement.

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