To abandon repulsion when tasting bodhichitta. 

If we do lose our drops, we should regard them as the secret substance from the union of the Father and Mother Deities and mentally imagine that we taste them and receive the secret empowerment.  When doing so, we should abandon any feelings of repulsion.

Sometimes our drops are called our “bodhichittas.”  The reason for this is because of their central role in fulfilling our bodhichitta wish to become a Buddha.  During the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment, at an ordinary physical level, there are people who come around and give us all sorts of different substances to eat or drink.  If we don’t know what is going on, it can all seem quite strange.  There is a part in particular where we taste some yogurt.  How are we to understand all of this?

Lama Action Vajra, the deity who grants the empowerment through whatever spiritual guide is in the room in front of us, will explain to you how you should regard these various substances and what visualizations and meditations you should engage in when you consume them.  Our ordinary eyes may see a temple or a giant tarp tent, but our wisdom eyes of our mental awareness should see ourselves in the pure land, at the feet of Lama Action Vajra, and the people who come around giving us substances as empowering deities and offering goddesses.  Just because we cannot see these things with our eyes does not mean they are not there.  There are sounds we cannot hear that dogs can, there are sights we cannot see the infrared goggles can, etc.  In the same way, there are countless different realms of living beings which are like different mental frequencies or channels that only those with the right signal receiver (namely possessing the body and mind of that realm) can perceive.  In addition to the six realms of samsara, there are also countless different pure lands.  These are actual places where beings take rebirth, and where we can go in our Tantric meditations.  As Venerable Tharchin said, “the location of mind is at the object of cognition,” so if the object of our mind is the pure land, our mind will actually to there.

When we receive the “yogurt” we should consider it to be the completely pure red and white drops of Heruka and Vajrayogini, Father and Mother.  When we taste these drops, we should imagine that their completely pure red and white drops enter into our subtle body and purify all of the drops flowing through our central body, bestowing upon our mind all of the blessings we need to attain the illusory body of completion stage and eventually the Enjoyment Body of a Buddha.  We then imagine that we experience great bliss while believing we are receiving these special blessings.

In the same way, whenever through the course of our life we lose our drops, we should mentally regard them as the completely pure red and white drops of Heruka Father and Mother, and we should imagine that we taste them and receive the secret empowerment just like during the actual empowerment.

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