Vows, commitments and modern life:  Dedication for entire series

This series is by far the biggest series of posts I have ever done.  My goal in doing so was to clarify my own thinking on how to practice the vows and commitments of Kadampa Buddhism in the context of my modern life.  I have generally neglected my practice of moral discipline, but now I see it as the foundation of everything else.  I can only hope that those reading along have also found something useful.

I dedicate all of the merit I have collected by writing and sharing these posts so that myself and all living beings are never separated from the joy of moral discipline.  Through our training in moral discipline, may we maintain an uninterrupted continuum in all our future lives of our Buddhist path, our path to liberation, our path to enlightenment, our path of Highest Yoga Tantra, and in particular our path of Heruka and Vajrayogini.  May we all progressively take higher and higher rebirth until we attain the highest of all, full enlightenment.


Tomorrow, I land in Taiwan, where I will be posted for four years.  My project while there will be to go through all of Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, and explain how I try to integrate Shantideva’s teachings into a modern life.  It should be about a four year project, one I hope to finish by the time I leave.






8 thoughts on “Vows, commitments and modern life:  Dedication for entire series

  1. Thank you for your kind work Ryan. I don’t often comment on your posts, and all the HYT ones don’t really apply to me yet, but I always read and save them. They give me a gentle nudge each time to remember Dharma, and that can never be bad._/\_

  2. Dear Ryan la, i thank sou from my heart for all your joyous effort in doing these posts-they mean a lot to me!
    Thank you also for your wish to continue with this project and very good luck with it!!!!
    Have a wonderful and fruitfull time in Taiwan! Much love and Admiration-Demo ( austrian)

  3. Cher ami
    Le 24 octobre 2003, je t’ai rencontré pour la première fois lors de la transmission des bénédictions de Djé Tsongkapa à Zürich. Depuis lors et durant sept ans tu as été l’enseignant qui a nourrit ma pratique. Tu continues maintenant encore à travers tes articles à être une source d’inspiration inestimable. Puisse ton mérite et ta dédicace avoir un écho karmique dans le cœur de tous ceux qui ont partagé ne serait-ce qu’une seule fois l’étude du dharma avec toi. Merci d’être là.
    Max, ton ami-vajra

  4. We appreciate your sharing your lifes jouney. Your insights, comments, reflections, appreciation, love, compassion, wisdom has been very valuable to Joan and I. ( it is the practicality and application to our daily lives that has been the Jewel we see.)Joan is Deaf, yet , we have been on the path for over 25 years now with GesheLa. We send you are blessings and prayes on your continued effort to be a good student and a good teacher. Scott/Joan

  5. I, along with others, thank you for your efforts! I learn something meaningful from every post! I print some off to post in my office & save off the rest for future reference. We are fortunate to have found a wise teacher in you! Blessings!

  6. Thank you so much for writing this series. Every single one has helped to clarify my own practise, in particular my tantric practise, and they often seemed to arise at precisely the right time.

    Please continue to write these blogs, I believe they are benefitting many buddhists worldwide.

  7. Much appreciation for your dharma works, I’ve benefited much from your posts,
    especially the vow, commitment series. May more beings have fortune to receive dharma from you in many ways, and may your journey continue to be meaningful.
    So excited for the next series to come, and you’ll be writing from Taiwan where I come from, maybe you’ll incorporate some local cultural aspects in your dharma posts.
    With gratitude.

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