Reflections on the Great Scope

Bodhichitta is orthogonal to all negative karma I have accumulated, and it also is the best way to accumulate merit since there is nothing more virtuous than the intention to lead all beings to permament freedom.
You need to assume responsibility for your own happiness.
The entire universe is my dream.  This dream is firing off in an uncontrolled way.  In reality, the Director of my dream is my self-cherishing mind.  My SC mind is governing this world towards a specific goal, namely putting every single being into the deepest hell.  It is not just uncontrolled, random, it is an uncontrolled freefall for the lower realms.  Look at what people are doing.  They are racing to their own damnation.  The SC director is so devious that he convinces everyone that by following their SC wishes they will attain perfect happiness.  It promises perfect happiness but delivers eternal suffering.  It is so deceptive and so devious.  

4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Great Scope

  1. I remember that word ‘orthogonal’ from last time – I had to look it up to find out what it meant 🙂

    And actually the whole universe is my dream 😛

    Renunciation sees these beings as already free. This is the final destination for everyone. Milarepa liked ‘marrying the emptiness’. I guess realizing one’s own samsara and emptiness of it and being alone with it.

    If we look at what people are really doing, what do we see? We always, always see the past, our own past actions in fruition and our own grasping the generic image of other which is permanent. Self-cherishing kind of feeds off ones grasping at time and we believe in a permanent now.

    We see the effects of our own contaminated actions in the disguise of ‘ordinary suffering human beings’ whom we have trapped briefly in human aggregates. Our self-cherishing mind has limited view and does not consider cause and effect. Which is why we are obstructed from seeing past, present and future simultaneously, like the Buddhas do. Humans will fall again and again but eventually be free.

    At present it seems that all beings are not free, this may seem true, but they are pure. If we go against the SC director and focus on what ‘always is’ namely, their Buddha nature, instead of what is momentarily appearing, in time, then our dream will align with our pure vision and we will give no power to the self-cherishing director, who believes that right now is permanent and will always be so, keeping us further trapped along with everyone else. Cause and effect is the dream-like play of time.

    Easy for me to say, but SC is the warlord that wants to do anything to stop me entering my real pure home.

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