Reflections on the lower realms

If we do not take control of our uncontrolled mind, we will be a slave to it, and it will no doubt take us to the lower realms.  There is only one destination our ordinary mind is trying to take us and that is the lower realms.  It really is the devil.  It will trick us with all sorts of lies and illusions trying to convince us that it is taking us to heaven.  Because we buy into its lies, we happily follow it to hell.  
As basic as it sounds, it really is like bugs bunny.  There are two minds within us, our ordinary mind (which is the devil in disguise as our closest friend) and our pure mind (which is the angel of our guru who has come to guide us to the pure land).  We need to decide who we are going to listen to and who we are going to follow.  What our ordinary mind promises seems so much more appealing, but it is all deceptive lies designed to ensnare us into its traps from which we will never escape and be literally dragged to hell.  Worse yet, we will go there of our own seeming volition completely oblivious to the fact that we march to our doom.  

7 thoughts on “Reflections on the lower realms

  1. I agree completely. And as our teacher says that the self cherishing mind is sly and cunning. Sometimes it even takes the disguise of being ‘good’ to get wht it wants.

  2. Gen Tharchin says that we’ve been following an impure spiritual guide for ages who leads us to lower realms.
    I still argue with the purest part of my mind, not believe it and so on. Yet happily believe self-cherishing. It’s crazy.

    • Very little! And therein lies the problem I face. Intellectually, I understand many things, but if I check my behavior I remain still hostage to my delusions.

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