Knocking others down to get ahead

A lot of people think that the way to get ahead is by knocking others down. A lot of people think nice guys finish last. A lot of people think the way to be treated with respect is to make others fear you. A lot of people think the way to get what you want is fight aggressively to get it. A lot of people think the only way to get what they want is through brute force. But people who think these things are dead wrong.

It may seem in the short run that such strategies are successful, but pursuing them sacrifices the long run stable success on the alter of short term gains and seeming victories. Those who work with such people generate in their hearts the wish to bring down such people. Perhaps in the beginning they can’t, but overtime they will gradually undermine the person and bring them down. Such people engender resistence in all around them, and as such they create even more problems which they then have to resolve with brute force. Karmically speaking, if you are getting ahead through knocking others down you are laying the foundation for your own inevitable downfall. And in the meantime, you are making life a struggle, yourself and all those around you miserable, and generally spreading poison in the world.

I will inevitably have to work with such people. I need to learn how to respond to and deal with such people.

One thought on “Knocking others down to get ahead

  1. We all teach people how they treat us. Period.

    You don’t need to learn how to deal with such people. You need to learn how to teach them how you want to be treated.

    People will want to control you, manipulate you, use you for their own purpose or whatever. I get this all the time, the thing is to see it and not be fooled by it. Essentially every time you give in to their non-sense which is controlled by delusion you say ‘it’s ok for you to be like this to me’ and they learn to carry on being deluded around you.

    I find illuminating a persons responsibility for their own actions, feelings and so on works very well for this sort of thing. But again, most people will still want to blame you for everything ha ha.

    I have this book called ‘Pulling your own strings’ it’s incredible. It’s like an assertiveness manual about dealing with people firmly but from a space of infinite love. Joy. Gotta go!! Enjoy Chicago!

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