Happy Tsog Day: Dedication for Series

In order to remember and mark our tsog days, holy days on the Kadampa calendar, I am sharing my understanding of the practice of Offering to the Spiritual Guide with tsog.  This is the last part of a 44-part series.

Gathering and dissolving the Field of Merit

Due to my making requests in this way, O Supreme spiritual guide,
With delight, please come to my crown to bestow your blessings;
And once again firmly place your radiant feet
On the anthers of the lotus at my heart.

At this point we can train in the practice of Vajrayana Mahamudra, the actual completion stage meditation, according to the commentary.

As explained above, the practice of Offering to the Spiritual Guide is a preliminary practice for our training in Vajrayana Mahamudra. We engage in Mahamudra practice at this point in the sadhana, after we have dissolved our spiritual guide into our heart, and we imagine that our mind mixes inseparably with his mind. There are two main reasons why we always dissolve the Guru into our heart before we engage in whatever is our main practice. The first is by mixing our mind with his, we can receive his powerful blessings to help us engage in our actual practice. We do not know how to find our objects of meditation, but he does. By mixing our mind with his, we can request that he bless our mind and gradually guide us to our final and correct meditation objects. The second reason is more profound. The spiritual guide’s mind is fundamentally not separate from our own mind. The two are equally empty. This means it is possible for us to change the basis of imputation of our “I” from an ordinary mind without these realizations to our spiritual guide’s mind that possesses all these realizations. This is very similar to generation stage practice. We quite literally identify with our spiritual guide’s mind knowing that it already possesses all the stages of the path to enlightenment. By doing this, the duality between our spiritual guide’s mind and our own completely dissolves until eventually we are directly imputing our “I” onto all his realizations. Once we have completed this transfer of basis of imputation of our “I” to his enlightened mind, we ourselves attain enlightenment.

There are many different methods for engaging in Vajrayana Mahamudra practice. In general, we can say there are two lineages differentiated by which doorway we penetrate the central channel. According to the tradition of Naropa, we penetrate our central channel at the level of our naval; and according to the Ganden Oral Lineage, we penetrate our central channel at the level of our heart. The first method is explained in detail in the book Clear Light of Bliss; the latter method is explained in detail in Tantric Grounds and Paths and in Oral Instructions of Mahamudra. The five stages of completion stage according to Heruka practice possess seven main meditations – the first two stages each have two parts. Thus, it is possible to engage in the entire cycle the five stages of completion stage according to Heruka practice every week, doing one meditation per day in a cycle much in the same way as we do our Lamrim meditations on a 21-day cycle. Once we have gained some familiarity with doing these meditations once a day, we can then do them on a seven-week cycle, and then on a seven-month cycle. In this way we gradually deepen our experience of each stage of our completion stage practice. Practicing in this way enables each meditation to reinforce all the others.

Eventually, we should pray to be able to engage in a three-year retreat on Vajrayana Mahamudra according to the Ganden Oral Lineage. Is my deepest wish that myself and everyone who has read this commentary is able to do so.


I dedicate all the pure white virtues I have gathered here
So that I may accomplish all the prayers
Made by the Sugatas and Bodhisattvas of the three times,
And maintain the holy Dharma of scripture and insight.

Through the force of this, throughout all my lives,
May I never be separated from the four wheels of the Supreme Vehicle
And Thus, may I complete the paths of renunciation,
Bodhichitta, correct view, and the two tantric stages.

Auspicious prayers

Through the force of all the pure white virtue in samsara and nirvana,
Henceforth may there be a celestial treasury of temporary and ultimate goodness and joy,
Free from all stains of inauspiciousness;
And Thus, may there be the auspiciousness of enjoying magnificent delight.

May the Dharma Centres of all-knowing Losang Dragpa
Be filled with hosts of Sangha and Yogis
Striving to practise single-pointedly the three pure trainings;
And Thus, may there be the auspiciousness of Buddha’s doctrine remaining for a very long time.

Abiding in the blessings of Losang Dragpa,
Who from the time of his youth made requests to the supreme Guru-Deity,
May we effortlessly accomplish the welfare of others;
And Thus, may there be the auspiciousness of Losang Dorjechang.

May desired endowments increase like a summer lake,
May we find uninterrupted birth with freedom in stainless families,
May we pass each day and night with Losang’s holy Dharma;
And Thus, may there be the auspiciousness of enjoying magnificent delight.

From now until I and others attain enlightenment,
Through the virtues we have already created and will create,
May there be the auspiciousness of the Venerable Guru’s holy form
Remaining like an immutable vajra in this world.

I dedicate all the merit that I have accumulated through writing this series of blog posts so that all Kadampas become motivated to engage in the tsog offering every 10th day for the rest of their life. Through doing so, I pray that they create the causes to guarantee to take rebirth in the pure land where they can complete their spiritual training. May all those who need this commentary find it. May I never forget but always put into practice the instructions that I have received from my spiritual guide. May we meet him again it again in all our future lives without interruption between now and our eventual enlightenment, and when we meet him, may we continue to have deep faith, a pure heart, and a strong wish to put his instructions into practice.

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