How to heal the whole world

Lately I have been recalling something that came to me very strongly during a Heruka retreat I did long ago. Namely, since I have practiced taking and giving, I can correctly view everything that happens to me externally and internally as what I have taken on from others. And by working through it, externally and internally, in my own life, I purify it for others. Since others are just a reflection of my mind anyways, simply healing what I have taken on is sufficient to heal the whole world.
I feel as if my inner vision of the world is like a cloud of appearances that themselves are a reflection – like a microcosm – of all of the delusions of all living beings that I have taken on. By healing them, I heal everything for everyone.
When I do my self-generation practice, I imagine that I am transforming this cloud-like reflection of others’ minds into something completely pure. When I purify my channels, drops, and winds; I am purifying theirs. When I dissolve everything into emptiness in my mind, I am gathering and dissolving all of their contaminated appearances into the clear light. When I self-generate, I feel like I am shining a powerful healing light in the inner core of the minds of every living being, like shining a light in the hub of a wheel illuminates all of the spokes. This light functions to draw everyone inwards towards the pure land. They don’t necessarily see it with their gross minds, but it is in their minds nonetheless, drawing them in towards purity.
For me, doing my self-generation practice feels like I am performing spiritual surgery on the minds of all living beings. I am harmonizing and healing their subtle bodies and bestowing upon their minds all of the realizations symbolized by the different aspects of the self-generation. In particular, the Eight Lines of Praise of the Father is how I activate my pure self to perform Heruka’s function in the world. Reciting the mantras is an act of healing of their minds, performing the function of each mantra on their minds.
Outside of the charnel grounds, I imagine Dorje Shugden’s protection circle, which functions to bless the minds of all living beings to see everything as a cause of their enlightenment – again, they might not yet see that in a manifest way, but their inner cloud of conventional appearances is now appearing purely and so having that effect. Outside of Dorje Shugden’s protection circle is the clear light emptiness, with all contaminated phenomena – not only appearing to my mind, but appearing to anyone’s mind – completely gathered and purified into the Dharmakaya, so that the only thing that appears is the universal yet microscopic self-generated mandala. I feel as if all of this is inside the root mind of all living beings, directly and simultaneously. Everyone’s root mind is connected in the clear light at our heart. By going there, we go to the hearts of everyone.

One thought on “How to heal the whole world

  1. Very helpful in putting all the various aspects into a complete essence. Will definitely endeavor to take this advice into practice.
    Thank you

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