Making progress when access to a center is difficult:  Conclusion and dedication


As we go through our spiritual life our karma will be in a state of constant change.  Sometimes we will have easy access to centers, Sangha and teachings for many years; other times we will find ourselves in the spiritual wilderness all alone.  This too is part of Geshe-la’s plan for us.  As Venerable Tharchin says, we each must “assume our place within the mandala.”  The life experiences we have are all part of our formation into the specific Buddha we need to become.  Our Spiritual Guide knows the beings with whom we have the karma to be their Spiritual Guide in the future and the problems we have today are similar in nature to the problems the beings who will be our students will have in their lives.  By learning how to respond with wisdom and compassion to whatever happens in life, there is great hope we can bring them some lasting benefit.

Dharma centers are the most sacred and precious places in this world.  They provide us with a venue for receiving pure Dharma teachings, give us the opportunity to forge karmic ties with our Sangha friends, and lay at our feet the tools with which we can become the Bodhisattvas of this world.  Geshe-la has given us everything, we merely need to start picking it up and using it.  But sometimes, we will not have the karma to have regular access to a center.  We should not despair nor think as a result we are unable to practice.  Through the methods explained in this series of posts, we can feel as if our life transforms into our Dharma center and even the rustling of the leaves in the wind will become the whisperings of Dharma teachings into our heart.  This can be our experience day and night until the day we are once and for all reunited for eternity in the Pure Land.


I dedicate any merit I created from doing this series of posts so that all beings may receive a constant stream of pure Dharma teachings wherever they go in life.  May the entire world transform into a holy Temple filled with eloquent explanations of Dharma and where we all feel like we have found home.












One thought on “Making progress when access to a center is difficult:  Conclusion and dedication

  1. Thanks so much for this series , are so inspiring and give hope to those practitioners who are now experiencing difficult situations to enjoy and share within a Dharma Center.

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