“Your love is him in you.”

I went to visit Geshe-la in my dream last night.

First he told me, “death is just a mere appearance, so there is nothing to fear.” I was then projected towards it like a fast moving car, and blew right through it. He then said, “see, when you realize this, you just keep going [as if ‘death’ were nothing].” (Things in brackets were not said, but were understood to be the meaning of what he said).

Some time passed, and I then went back to his room wanting to ask a question. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. I then tried to ask my question, but I couldn’t formulate any coherent thoughts or words and just a bunch of non-sense came out. I then collected myself and tried again, and suddenly I could see him directly. I then asked very clearly, “how do I make my every quality of mind Heruka’s qualities of mind, so that there is ‘no me?'” He then brought me over to him and had me get out some paper. He then said something and I wrote it down, and the two things (what he said and what I wrote down) were felt to be by nature two distinct things, separate from one another. Not that I incorrectly wrote what he said down, but I understood it to mean that the two things were separate or different entities. He then said, “it is not like that.” He then said, “every time you generate love in your mind know it is by nature the same [entity, nature] as Heruka’s. Know them to be the same. Your love is him in you.”

I then woke up, and it felt as if Geshe-la then told me, “the same is true for all realizations.”

12 thoughts on ““Your love is him in you.”

  1. Wow! That was a very beautiful dream, Kadampa Ryan! ..It reminds me of the Christian thing where they say God is love..

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