Vows, commitments and modern life:  Dedicating our life to training our mind

Apply the principal practice at this time. 

Right now we have a precious human life, and it would be a great shame to waste it on pursuing only material wealth.  The greatest purpose of our human life is to attain enlightenment, and the only way to do that is to practice Dharma.  Amongst Dharma practices, training the mind is supreme, therefore, we must practice training the mind right now.

Our biggest problem is we still grasp at there being a conflict between our normal lives and our practice of Dharma.  We feel as if Dharma practice is on one side and our other activities are on the other.  Because we grasp at this conflict between the two as being true, when we are required to do our normal daily activities we feel as if we are wasting our precious human life.

In reality, there is no conflict whatsoever between these two.  Our jobs, our family, and our daily tasks are simply the conventional context in which we train our mind.  Each situation in our life gives rise to different delusions, and therefore different opportunities to train in the opponents.  There is no situation where putting others first, compassion and wisdom are not the right way to respond.  We might not at present know how to do so, but if we continue to try to do so, overtime we will learn how to do so with increasing effectiveness, until eventually we are able to do so all of the time in any situation.  Then, there will no longer be a duality between our Dharma practice and our daily life.  We will be able to not waste a single moment of our precious human life.

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