Vows, commitments and modern life:  Every situation is equally perfect

Do not rely upon other conditions. 

In practicing training the mind we rely upon inner strength not external conditions.  We do not need to wait for better conditions because we can transform any situation into the path.  If we waited for the perfect conditions we would never start our practice.  If we wait until we create the perfect conditions we will never have any time to practice because we will be expending all our energy trying to fulfill our insatiable desires.

Because every situation is equally empty, every situation is equally potentially perfect for our practice of Dharma.  It is only our lack of wisdom knowing how to transform certain conditions into the path that makes us prefer some conditions over others.  We grasp at some external conditions as being inherently better than others, and so when we lack those conditions we think we can’t practice Dharma.  Assenting to such a mistaken way of thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Because we believe we don’t have the external conditions we need, we don’t practice.  And because we don’t practice, we never gain the wisdom that knows how to practice in all situations.  Practically speaking, we will be right – we can’t practice.  But this is an entirely self-created problem.  If instead, we mentally tell ourself, “all external conditions are equally perfect, just in different ways,” then our mind will open to receiving blessings to see how this is true.

For me, the most powerful way of doing this is to rely upon Dorje Shugden.  Dorje Shugden’s job is to arrange the perfect outer, inner and secret conditions for my practice of Dharma.  These conditions may not be what I would have thought were the perfect ones, but my faith in Dorje Shugden enables me to believe that they in fact are what is best for me.  This faith then opens my mind to receive his powerful blessings helping me realize how the situation is indeed perfect.  Then, I just practice to the best of my ability free from worry.  Our biggest obstacle is our lack of faith that Dorje Shugden is already arranging for us perfect conditions.  With this faith, we want for nothing.

One thought on “Vows, commitments and modern life:  Every situation is equally perfect

  1. Thank you for sharing! It is definitely very helpful in this practice of transforming internal conditions into the path. As you mentioned, it is only our lack of faith and wisdom that blinds us to this opportunitys. ☺️

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