Activating the inner Spiritual Guide: How to create pure karmic seeds

Here we align our actions with those of the Spiritual Guide.  As we explored in the earlier posts, the quality of the karmic seeds we create determines the quality of the messages we can receive from the Spiritual Guide.  In this post, we will learn how to create the best possible karmic seeds for the Spiritual Guide to be able to bless.

So the question is how do we create these pure imprints?  By aligning our actions with those of the Spiritual Guide, all our actions become non-contamianted because his goal is non-contaminated.  The reason why this works is the objective of the actions is itself beyond samsara, and since the location of the mind is at the object of mind, by mixing our mind with a pure object we take part of our mind out and thus create pure seeds.  The next several posts will explain methods we can use to plant pure karmic seeds on our mind.

Receiving teachings and our study and practice of Dharma.

Every time we study or practice Dharma, we plant pure seeds which can later be blessed.  Every time we mix our mind with any instruction, we plant pure seeds.  Why?  Because all instructions are the same nature as the omniscient mind of the Spiritual Guide, and so therefore are pure.  Every instruction leads us in the direction of enlightenment and has as its ultimate intention to lead us to enlightenment.  When we receive teachings, we realize that we are sick and that we are listening to the cure.  It is like we are reading our horoscope.  When we study, we plant seeds that can later be blessed so that we understand the material we studied.  This is why it is so important to study.  When we meditate, we plant seeds that can later be blessed so that we gain realizations of the truth of the instructions.  This is why it is so important to meditate.

Become a channel for the Spiritual Guide.

Kadam Bjorn explained to me a special method for dealing with any need we feel, such as an attachment of wanting to feel loved or approved of.  Whatever need we feel, we should try to go and fill this need in others by opening ourselves up to becoming a channel for the Spiritual Guide to fulfill this need in others through us.  What he said was every time we feel the need for approval or love from others, we should take this as a sign from the spiritual guide that we need to offer approval to and love those around us (our students, our friends, family, etc.) (in other words, we need to change the object of needing approval and  love from self to others).  He said what we need to clearly realize is that needing to feel loved is a delusion.  We need to recognize this clearly for what it is:  a deceptive mind which results in only suffering that should not be believed.  We don’t need to feel love, we need to love.  We need to align ourselves with the directional gradient of the spiritual guide – from self to others.  He said by aligning ourselves with his intention to love others – in other words instead of seeking approval and love from others we seek to give approval and love to others – then we get the winds (pure winds at that) of our spiritual guide in our sails and he loves others through us.  When he loves others through us, he satisfies their need for approval and love and likewise fills us with his approval and love.  In other words, the way in which we can feel the unconditional love of our spiritual guide is not to seek it from him for ourselves, but rather is for us to unconditionally love others.  Then he fills them and fills us with his unconditional love.

We can likewise do the same with any feeling or need.  Whatever we feel we need, become a channel for your spiritual guide to give that to others.  When we do, he fulfills our need and that of others through us.  We can do this with anything.

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