Quick path to being a boob!

One of the things I have observed at work recently is the quickest and most effective way to self-destruct is to have a massively over-estimated sense of your effectiveness and importance.  There is a certain high level individual at the Embassy who truly believes that he has the power to single-handedly charm and convince his way on every subject.  What he doesn’t realize is people are just being polite around him and “agreeing” with what he has to say because they realize there is no point in debating with him.  He comes out of every meeting thinking he has moved the world, when in reality he has convinced noone.  People see clearly that he really seems to think he is super effective yet in reality everyone knows he is completely clueless.  This makes him look like a total boob.

One main lesson can be drawn from this:  I need to not be like this!  I too have a tendency to think I am the greatest thing to hit the face of the earth and that my views and opinions on basically everything are the ultimate and definitive word on every subject.  I relate to myself, largely as an overcompensation for my own insecurities, as if I am a real hot shot and rising star.  I do this not only in the context of my work, but I have been doing this for decades in the Sangha.

You gotta laugh!

Your turn:  Give an example of when you have done this.

2 thoughts on “Quick path to being a boob!

  1. LOL, it’s an easy pattern to get into for sure, especially in work based management positions; I have certainly found myself in that cycle and do work hard to keep aware of it now. You gotta laugh! Yes! An effective antidote for me is to laugh at how my insecurities can be subversive in the way they drive me to act, very effective!

  2. I believe Pema Chodron once said all we ultimately have is our opinion–and yet we can be very aggressive with our “opinion. 🙂

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