Understanding Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is the power to overcome the objects to be abandoned (in particular our delusions), either within ourself or within others.

So what are causes of power?

1. The mind of contentment. Power follows the principle of need. All objects of abandonment promise some fruit of samsara. Samsara has power over us to the extent to which we feel we need its fruit. When we have no need of its fruit, it has no power over us. Delusions convince us that we need the objects of our delusion, therefore to cut their power we need to realize that we do not. In this context, the one who is the most content with whatever arises is the one with the most power. We can be content with what we have by knowing how to transform everything into the path and wanting only spiritual development. We essentially ‘need’ nothing from anybody nor anything. We have within ourselves all that we need, therefore noone or nothing or no delusion has any power over us. A true conqueror.

2. Empowering others. If we empower others, we create the cause to grow in power ourselves.

3. Protecting others. When we protect others in any way (external or internal) we grow in power because people assent to our authority and position.

4. Being a good example. Within Western socieities, most power is referrent power, meaning people want to be like you, they want to emulate you. For this to happen, you need to transform yourself into somebody worth emulating. You need to have control over your own mind, delusions and life. In this sense, a successful family life and career are important.

5. Be a source of useful wisdom. It is meaningless to know useless information, but mastery over useful wisdom gives you real power as people come to you for advice. Useful wisdom is that which helps people solve their real problems. Principally, this means their internal problems, but not exclusively so. You also need to know practically how to solve our outer problems since people are initially preoccupied with those and they still grasp at them as being the real problem.

6. Mastery (or at least skill) with the four actions of pacifying, increasing, controlling and wrathful actions. From our own side, we have no power with these. Our ability to complete the four actions depends almost entirely upon the strength of our faith and reliance on Dorje Shugden. The stronger our faith and reliance upon him, the more we can invoke his four actions.

7. A pure motivation. Everything depends upon a correct motivation. With a good motivation, people naturally trust us and we align ourselve with the power of all of the Buddhas. The scope of our motivation determines the power of our purpose. The highest motivation of great compassion and bodhichitta gives unlimited power to all of our actions.

8. Respecting those in positions of authority, in particular our mentors or teachers. When we respect those in positions of authority and work to fulfill their wishes, we create the causes for others to do the same for us in the future. Since our purposes are pure, we seek assistance to fulfill our pure wishes. In particular, showing this respect to our mentors and teachers is important since the primary basis of power within a Western context is referrent power. By showing respect to our teachers and mentors, we create causes for others to show us similar respect when we are their teacher or mentor.

9. Understanding emptiness. When we understand emptiness, we understand that the only thing that needs to change is our own mind. Our mind is the creator of all, therefore if we change our mind, we can change everything. If we have the power to change our mind, we have the power to change everything.

5 thoughts on “Understanding Spiritual Power

  1. Thanks KR,
    so much work to do with my mind…but it worth.
    speciality on contentment,got to learn because i think some times i have, but i know i don´t .
    need to generate a patient mind …meditate more….but most of all
    increase my faith..on the 3 jewels…now is time to train and learn…and practice
    all the time.
    Thanks again for your kindness.

  2. This is interesting. I posted something very similar about contenment and real causes of happiness and so forth on another forum.

    Delusions are nothing more than mistaken ideas. The most power of all comes from a real respect for who you really are. If that is Heruka, then this is it. From direct experience a person can tell that as soon as they have a real respect for themselves, they become extremely powerful. They allow the inner light to manifest. They are unafraid of the delusions and thoughts of others.

    Those who are frightened of this light or who do not respect themselves as a pure being relate to themselves from a point of view of mistaken conception. This dis-empowers the inner light of wisdom. Confidence levels fluctuate because of the battle between the generic image of the real self and the Inherently existent I that is grasped at. Sort of like deluded pride vs Divine Pride. One could allow others to manipulate this inner light, which is yours to own and master.

    Directly you do not know the certain effects of things so it is difficult to say with certainty other than what Buddha has said, this causes that etc. But you can realize right now that you become the central hub of infinite power by generating real respect for your real self. You are Heruka. I am Vajrasattva.

    When a person really trains in it, really starts believing it, there’s no need for spiritual power. All the Buddhas flow through you, in your actions of body speech and mind, you yourself are not one single being anymore, this ultimate humility is illuminated in the presence of the ultimate power of all Buddhas. You are a vessel.

  3. It’s become evident lately that the more i assert myself in my own mind as the deity, the more powerful i become at slaying delusion.

    In daily life, the more assertive one becomes as the deity, the more assertive one becomes at not listening to delusion or being manipulated by the delusions of others.

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