Regret as assuming responsibility for cleaning up the karmic mess you have created

If we make a mess, it is only normal that we assume responsibility for cleaning it up. When we try avoid cleaning up our own mess, we don’t actually avoid it, we are unpeaceful inside so do not enjoy our having avoided cleaning it up, we have violated our lojong commitments of not passing our burdens onto others, we strengthen our laziness, we generate resentment in others who then do wind up cleaning up our mess, we create a self-inflicted moral hazard encouraging our own reckless behavior because we know how to manipulate others into cleaing up our mess, we never learn our lesson because we think we ‘get away with’ having done wrong, we create a bad habit of most likely trying to do the same thing again in the future, we set a bad example for all those around us of somebody who does not assume responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and we assent to our aversion to the work of cleaning up the mess thus making is stronger and harder next time.

Everything I experience is the karmic result of me having done similarly to others in the past. I must assume responsibility for that and create new dynamics and patterns in my relationships. Everything deluded and negative that others do to me, I have done to others in the past, and now, through the force of my negative karma, others are compelled to themselves engage in negativity. So I have harmed them in the past and am harming them again since they are now compelled into negativity. Everything that happens in my samsara is ultimately my responsibility. I have created this huge mess, therefore, it is up to me to clean it up. I joyfully relate to the problem solving in my life as my opportunity to clean up the mess I have created.

Your turn:  What is a particular karmic mess you have created, and what are you going to do to clean it up?

3 thoughts on “Regret as assuming responsibility for cleaning up the karmic mess you have created

  1. KR:
    It is funny i was wondering what karmic mess i had created and i found many of them !
    and to look at them is a good start.
    from a very difficult communication with the ones i love….
    to a very hard and distant relationship with many people
    through all of my life…..
    so good to start fixing all that mess,
    and start from the beginning….
    being responsible for my Samsara….
    feels so good to clean it up !!!
    thanks for this one……

  2. The trick is realizing there is no mess.

    The mess that appears is a mistaken appearance.

    When i look at a cloudy sky i cannot see the sun, i see clouds. But the sun is still there. But i could not see the clouds without light (from the sun).

    Our own inner light illuminates mistaken appearances and there is no samsara that is separate from our inner light.

    Buddha’s see the samsaric worlds of others but they believe them not to be true.

    The real key is living purity. All beings are pure. Regret helps to remind oneself of where one actually abides (in the pure land). It helps to return home to our real nature and ‘bring to light’ all mistaken appearances and see them for what they are. Empty.

    Samsara was the past; regret for actions of the past. A being cannot leave samsara if they are still there grasping. A person mentally holds on to their samsara. Regret, lets go, move to the pureland…

    Pure land is always present for those with Vajra eyes, fresh, new, bright, illuminating and radiant. All beings you have never met, things you have never seen, experiences that are extra-ordinary.

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