Key contemplations during daily practice

The following are the word for word contemplations I do at various points in my daily practice of the yoga of Buddha Heruka (together with mental image that associates each set of words – a picture is worth a thousand words):

Before I go for refuge at the beginning: First I imagine all living beings around me within the clear light Dharmakaya and I recall that they are all aspects of my mind. I then think: “I have a precious opportunity to fully train my mind (clear light Dharmakaya) and build my pure land (full mandala), thereby solving all of my own and others’ problems. But I may die at any point, and since I have not purified, I will most likely fall into the lower realms (visualize hell). To protect against this, I must build the foundation of refuge within my mind (like a safety net protecting me against a fall). I must make effort to put the Dharma into practice, to receive Buddha’s blessings and to turn to the Sangha for help.” Then I recite the refuge prayer imagining all living beings are reciting it with me.

Before bodhichitta: “It is not enough to just avoid falling into the lower realms once, I must use this life to secure my permanent freedom in all of my future lives (clear light Dharmakaya as liberation) and to build my pure land (the full mandala as enlightenment, the means by which I gather all beings from the deepest hell and lead them to the highest enlightenment in my heart). Then I recite the bodhichitta prayer.

During the next parts of the sadhana, I try to intend to the meaning of the words with full concentration.

I then add the Migstema prayer, and as I am doing it I imagine I am downloading JTK, BSK, VD, Avaolokitehsvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani (and their corresponding skills and realizations of perfect Kadampa Spiritual Guide, Perfect Sutra Spiritual Guide, Perfect Tantric Spiritual Guide, perfect compassion, perfect wisdom and fully developed spiritual power respectively). I specifically request the wisdom to always make the right decisions and to always know what to do and practice. This is not technically part of the sadhana, but I see no harm or fault in adding it here.

After dissolving the guru after the request (O Guru…inseparable from great bliss): I imagine that GSBH comes to my heart and completely takes over. “May my every thought be yours. May my every word be yours. May you act through me to liberate others. I have no independent self-will. I am your Avatar.” I then imagine everything dissolves into the clear light Dharmakaya thinking, “all the waves of contaminted appearance have been completely pacified on the ocean of my mind. This is my Dharmakaya. I am the Dharmakaya.”

I then build the pure land and do a checking meditation of each aspect of the mandala, understanding each aspect to be my helping all living beings in a particular way. I first go outwards and then back inwards, recalling the appearance and its function:
1. Dharmakaya – the ocean of my mind which is the gold of the gold coin of the mandala.
2. The nada – my Enjoyment body, the synthesized version of the entire mandala for superior bodhisattvas.
3. The seed letters of the deities of the mandala – The enjoyment body version of the mandala
4. Myself as Heruka Father and Mother – gather all winds into the indestructible drop where they are completely purified.
5. Deities of the great Bliss will – I balance all the inner elements and purify the five objects of desire.
6. Deities of the mind, speech and body wheels individually – heal the subtle body of all living beings so that the winds can flow effortlessly into the indestructible drop and all faults of body, speech and mind are completely purified.
7. Deities of the commitment wheel – Purify the sense doors of all living beings.
8. The celestial mansion – I gather all beings into a Kadampa Buddhist temple where I teach them all of the Kadam Dharma.
9. Mount Meru – emanate all the different levels of pure land for living beings to take rebirth in, leading up to the highest pure land Keajra (where the celestial mansion and HBM deities are).
10. The continents – the completely purified version of the three thousand worlds that I am emanating for beings to live.
11. The protection circle – everything inside this is completely pure
12. The charnel grounds – training grounds I am emanating for tantric bodhisattvas. It is also like a bridge between samsara and the pure lands.
13. The six realsm of samsara – where I am emanating countless emanations to help beings and lead them inwards.
14. Dorje Shugden’s protection circle and Dorje Shugden – this surrounds everything. I request/recall that everything that is taking place inside of his protection circle is absolutely perfect for the swiftest possible enlightenment of all the beings within it. All of this is taking place inside his pure land, within which everything is emanated and controlled by him.
15. All of this is floating inside of the ocean of the clear light Dharmakaya of my mind. So the appearing mandala is both inside the clear light Dharmakaya and is the coin of the gold coin.

I then do the same checking meditation moving back inwards to my heart. I then contemplate: “Though it (the mandala) appears, it is not other than emptiness (union of two truths). I am leading all beings from the deepest hell to the highest enlightenment (the function of my pure land). I am Heruka (on the basis of the function, I generate Divine Pride). It is the nature of the emptiness of my mind of great bliss (recall bliss and emptiness as the gold of the gold coin of the mandala).

I then recite the different mantras, imagining with each I am accomplishing the actions/functions of Heruka through each mantra, like they are magic words that accomplish different beneficial functions on all living beings:
1. Essence mantra of the father – bestowing the realization of the tantric union of the two truths on all living beings.
2. Close essence mantra of the father – bestowing the five omniscient wisdoms on all living beings.
3. 3-OM mantra – healing the subtle body, speech and mind of all living beings.
4. Individual mantras of the deities of the body mandala – I am purifying and repairing the different channels and drops of the subtle bodies of all living beings.

I then do the Dorje Shugden part, requesting that everything forever and always be under his control for the swiftest possible enlightenment of all beings. I then believe this to be the case and recall that as a result of this conviction for all practical purposes I am inside his pure land and everything that happens to myself and everyone else is emanated by him.

I then do the dedication prayers.

2 thoughts on “Key contemplations during daily practice

  1. I am finding this very helpful to contemplate. My conditions changed so that I was unable to continue to attend classes and pujas or volunteer at my center. While I saw this as an opportunity to increase my experience of Dharma thru my formal practice, I also have had my preferred scenarios of how things should be but they are backed by attachment not wisdom. Dorje Shugden’s preferred scenario is for me to have conditions that will give me the opportunity to do the inner work needed to attain enlightenment.

  2. KR:

    thanks a lot for give me the opportunity to practice in this way, sharing all your contemplations make me understand better what my practice is…..or should be…if you could see my mind now, you would see a happy happy mind,brightening inside : )

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