Karmic dimensions, generation stage and spiritual ‘black holes’

Another idea I have been working with a lot during this period is the idea of reality existing as many different parallel dimensions sorted according to their degree of karmic purity.  An object in one dimension will reflect as something else in another dimension, like the example of the glass of water viewed by a god, a human and a hungry spirit.  Some objects will not be able to appear at all in different dimensions (or states of existence).  My job in life is to build my pure land.  The pure land is, in effect, like a spiritual black hole which has the power to gradually draw in all beings into the heart of Heruka.  A black hole is a supremely massive object which bends the fabric of Space-Time tremendously, like a very heavy ball being placed on a very elastic fabric (creates a funnel-like shape), so anything that comes into its orbit will gradually get drawn into its center.  This is what I need to transform myself into.  As beings come into my orbit, they are gradually drawn into deeper and deeper levels of spiritual purity, culminating in the complete purity of the Dharmakaya inside my heart.  The Pure Land is my wisdom, compassion, spiritual power and skilful means reflecting itself in different ways in different levels or states of existence.  Specifically, in increasing order of karmic impurity:

  1. The Dharmakaya, simultaneously inside the nada and being the fundamental nature of all of the other appearances.
  2. The nada – completion stage meditations, Enjoyment Body.
  3. The seed letters of the body mandala – uniting and purifying the winds with mantra, a more condensed, Enjoyment body like form of the Body mandala.
  4. The body mandala itself – heal the subtle bodies of all living beings so that their winds may flow effortlessly into the central channel at the heart.  Emanation body.
  5. The celestial mansion – bring all beings into a Kadampa Buddhist temple so that I may teach them the Dharma.
  6. Mount Meru – different levels of pure land that beings can reach.
  7. The continents – completely purified version of the three thousand worlds.
  8. The protection circle – this is like an event horizon for a Black Hole.  Once in, you never leave; and only purity is allowed in, impurity cannot enter.
  9. The charnel grounds – These are like a halfway point between the realms of samsara and the pure land.  They are a version of the three thousand worlds completely purified reflecting into a karmically more impure state.  Their nature is Heruka and the Dharmakaya, but they appear in samsaric type ways – strange, seemingly contaminated type appearances.  Your job in the charnel grounds is to have ordinary type appearances appear, but you understand them to be by nature Heruka revealing the path. 
  10. The six realms of samsara in reverse karmic order, from the highest god realm to the deepest hell.  For the beings who inhabit these realms they see this as their samsara, but from the perspective of Heruka this is likewise part of his pure land, and he appears himself, reflects himself as ordinary emanation bodies.
  11. Dorje Shugden’s protection circle.  This surrounds everything, including the six realms of samsara, and he has the power to make everything that occurs inside be completely perfect for the karmically swiftest possible enlightenment of all beings. 


This is the pure land that it is my project to build.  I transform myself into this funnel-like, black-hole like pure land with all of its different levels, reflecting myself differently in each one of these dimensions/states of existence so as to gradually gather and draw all beings into the complete purity of the Dharmakaya in my heart (and all pervasive).  From one perspective it is a drawing into the center, like the black hole analogy.  From another perspective, it is a gradually settleing of the waves of my mind.  The whole universe is by nature the ocean of my mind, and all appearances are different karmic reflections on the waves of my turbulant mind.  As I gradually settle or make still my mind these waves become less extreme, less gross, less contaminated.  The hell realms are the most extreme, then less and less so through the other realms of samsara, the charnel grounds, the purified three thousand worlds, the pure lands, the celestial mansion, the body mandala, the seed letters, the nada, then finally the complete stillness of the ocean of the Dharmakaya itself.  Chakrasambara means the gathering and purifying of all phenomena into the wheel of great bliss and emptiness.  Everything settles into the stillness and purity of the Dharmakaya, like violent waves gradually subsiding into a completely still and clear sea of great bliss and emptiness.  Everything has always and will always be by nature only mind in a very pure Chittamatrin sense.  But the ocean of the mind takes the form of different states of existence according to the purity of the karma that is ripening.  These different levels are not discreet states, but is rather a seamless continuum.

We move ourselves (and help others move) through these different levels of state of existence according to two rules (which are actually two different aspects of the same thing):

  1. You experience the world you pay attention to.  If you pay attention to and exaggerate the appearance of faults, that is what you will experience; and if you pay attention to that which is of quality, that is how you will experience your world.
  2. You move into the world you create karma with.  It is not enough to be in one state, we want to move into the increasingly pure states.  We do this by choosing to generate and then believe the point of view of the next state.  So for example, we can transform our samsara into the charnel grounds by understanding that by nature everything which appears to our mind is actually Heruka revealing to us the stages of the path and providing us with opportunities to practice it.  If we generate this point of view and believe it to be true, then we create karma with that level of existence.  This then enables us to karmically transport ourselves into a new realm of existence.  We may still appear to others to be in their realm, but our experience will be different.  We do the same thing when we engage in our generation stage meditations, our body mandala meditations, our mantra recitations, and finally our completion stage meditations.  Ultimately, the karma we create depends primarily upon our intention, so we move through these different levels or states of existence with a bodhichitta motivation (which itself is the quintessential butter that comes from chruning the lamrim).

5 thoughts on “Karmic dimensions, generation stage and spiritual ‘black holes’

  1. There is a lot to appreciate here.

    For me, the practice concept for this consists of:

    1. choosing what space you want to be in. Set an imaginary boundary, like we do on retreat. For example, before i walk through a door i decide to enter the karmic dimension of a pure land, it’s always been there, i just choose to remind myself of it. The doorway then acts as a reminder, a karmic portal into a different reality if i intend it to be so. I will test this out!

    2. Enjoying not being in samsara. This is my pure-land, no one here can see it, it’s like i’m playing a game of hide and seek. One minute the room is there, then it disappears! Right now, i am free of grasping at conceptions.

    This is something i need continuous work on.

  2. Merveilleux! Je ne pouvais pas espérer mieux comme élément de ma préparation de retraite d’approche de Herouka à la fin de cette année! Merci d’être toujours mon esneignant si inspiré et plein de sagesse

  3. I’ve been working on this. It hasn’t gone too well. I’ve basically failed. But in my failure, i see hope. Then courage, then action. Then i am inspired to just go for it. So i have. And i can’t see a door now without feeling like i’m walking into another karmic dimension.

    As Nagarjuna says, “there is no going in motion”


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