What is samsara?

Samsara is nothing more than the turbulant waves of the ocean of my mind.  Delusions are like violent winds which create rough karmic waves on the ocean of my mind.  The winds of delusion activate contaminated karmic seeds on the ocean bed of our mind.  When these seeds activate they push up, creating contaminated waves.  These waves then create distorted appearances on their surface, appearances of objects that exist from their own side independent of the ocean.  In fact, they mask and obscure the ocean completely where we are totally unaware of the fact that everything is, in reality, only mind.  When we assent to these appearances, we come to believe in a world of objects that exist from their own side, totally separate and independent from the mind.  We believe that our mind simply observes a world that exists out there, independent from the mind itself.  We believe this because this is what appears to us and we never put it into question.

But when we realize that the entire universe is actually nothing more than the ocean of our mind, and every object is like a wave on this ocean, then everything becomes possible.  To cause samsara to subside, we simply need to allow the waters of our mind to become completely still.  By opposing, reducing and finally eliminating our delusions, the wind stops blowing, and the waters of our mind calm.  When this happens, contaminated appearances subside and our mind settles into the clear light Dharmakaya.  It is like choppy water that becomes increasingly still, and as it does so, the water becomes increasingly clear and transparent, less and less obstructed, until it becomes completely clear and without obstruction.  Before, the ocean of our mind was in the shape of samsara.  Now the ocean of our mind is in the shape of a perfectly still and obstruction-free clear light. 

From this clear light, we can then intentionally choose to put the ocean of our mind into the shape of the pure land with ourselves as the deity.  We emerge new, pure waves in the aspect of the pure land.  All beings, which were previously imprisoned by our mind into contaminated appearances have now been freed as pure beings abiding in the pure land, inseparable from the ocean of clear light emptiness.  The mental action of emerging a pure land out of the ocean of our mind plants new, pure karmic potentialities on the ocean bed of our very subtle mind.  These seeds will later ripen due to the pure winds of compassion and bodhichitta, causing the ocean of my mind to actually transform into a pure land within which all beings can take rebirth and complete their training.

The best way to cause the ocean of our mind to subside into the clear light is to connect with the emptiness of each object, recognizing them as distorted, contaminated, falacious appearances.  While they appear to be there, they are in fact illusions or distorted reflections on the ocean of my mind.  Recognizing them as such, I can then let go of them and allow them to dissolve and subside back into the ocean of my mind.  I keep doing this with every object that arises until eventually I abide in the completely still pure, clear light Dharmakaya.

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