Faith, emptiness and Dorje Shugden

Understanding and realizing emptiness is the gateway to infinite faith.  Why?  Ignorance, at its root, believes that things are outside of our control, they are independent of the mind and have nothing to do with the mind.  They function autonomously.  If this is the case, then our mental requests to Dorje Shugden can accomplish nothing because things operate outside of our (and his) control.  If we grasp at him as being inherently existent, then we too can’t connect with him in any way.

But if everything is projection of mind, then everything arises from mind and our karma.  Whether everything in this world is a condition for falling deeper into samsara or a condition for our enlightenment becomes changeable and entirely dependent upon our mind.  If all is empty, including Dorje Shugden himself, then I can request that he take control literally of the entire universe – everything that happens to every being.  None of it is outside of my mind, therefore I have access to and can influence everything.  By making the request “may everything that appears to every being become a perfect cause of their enlightenment”, then, since the whole world is arising from my karma, Dorje Shugden can enter into and take control of absolutely everything and direct everything towards this end – for myself and for each and every being in my karmic dream. 

If I understand this and have faith that not only he can do this, but he HAS done this (all the attainments I desire arise from merely remembering you), then I will gain the wisdom blessings which reveal to me directly how everything is in fact perfect for the enlightenment of every other living being.  Then, instead of living in and seeing a samsara, I will be abiding in and enjoying a pure land.  For myself, everything will teach to me the truth of Dharma.  For others, everything will be a cause of their enlightenment, as it would be in a pure land.  For myself helping others, I will see directly how their conditions are perfect and so I can share with them my point of view – how I see things.  I explain to them why and how things are perfect.  By sharing this with them, they can come to likewise adopt this point of view, see how their conditions are perfect, they can then accept them, be happy with them, and enjoy them as perfect conditions.  In this way, I can solve all of my own and ohters problems.


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