Easter for a Kadampa – Becoming the Way:

For Christians, Easter is about Jesus conquering death himself and becoming the way out for all of his followers. Buddha had his Bodhi Tree. Jesus had his cross and resurrection. As Kadampa Highest Yoga Tantra practitioners, we have the Oral Instructions of Mahamudra.

Jesus had his stations of the cross. For Kadampas, there are multiple stations en our route to the clear light. We need to center ourselves peacefully in each, gradually building this way out within our mind – both for ourself and for others.

The first would be refuge in the three jewels. Then, moving inward, would be the charnel grounds. Then, inside Keajra’s protection circle. Then, inside the celestial mansion and mandala as our gross deity body. Then, inside the principal father and mother of the body mandala. Then, inside the crystal palace of our indestructible drop. Then, inside the indestructible wind and mind in the aspect of the nada.

Then, progressively through the appearances of the eight dissolutions; and finally through the Black Gate (of near attainment) into the infinite blissful expanse of the clear light emptiness.

Once inside the clear light, through mahamudra meditations on the emptiness of our very subtle mind, we then need to gradually purify it of our seeds of delusions (karmic tendencies, delusion obstructions) and finally the imprints from all our past deluded actions (obstructions to omniscience).

Once we attain the five omniscient wisdoms, we spontaneously appear in whatever forms are appropriate to lead all beings along the same path we just traveled. In this way, we conquer uncontrolled death and ourselves become the main gateway for those seeking liberation and enlightenment.

Happy Easter!

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