Kadampa Prophecy 2.0: How Samsara Ends

OK, sorry I’m geeking out on this! 🙂 Shantideva says we should enjoy Dharma like an elephant jumping into a refreshing pool on a hot day, and that is how I feel playing with this model.

In my previous post, I tried to use Kadampa teachings to create a model showing how samsara ends. Several people offered some helpful suggestions on how to improve the model. Specifically:

  1. Report everything in percentages of the population of samsara
  2. Assume all beings start according to their actual distribution within the six realms of samsara (in other words, roughly 99% in the lower realms)
  3. Assume Buddhas blessings are concentrated primarily in the human realm, but they bleed over into the other realms.

I re-ran the model correcting for these assumptions. Super interesting results and I think much more accurate.

In the beginning, the demographics remain similar to the starting point. Over time, as the number of Buddhas increase, the human realm becomes increasingly purified. As it does, more and more beings get drawn into it through the blessings of the Buddhas. Once they get to the human realm, more and more of them attain enlightenment.

At around half way through between now and the end of samsara, the human realm actually transforms into a pure land, where everybody who takes rebirth in it attains enlightenment. After that happens, there is a rapid acceleration in the number of people who attain enlightenment, drawing more and more beings from the surrounding realms into the human realm/pure land.

The number of hell beings then quickly plummets, causing the share of the hungry ghost realms and animal realms to grow as more beings are pulled towards the human realm. At around 88% towards the end of samsara, the hell realm is emptied, at 92% the hungry ghost realm is emptied, and at 96% the animal realm is emptied.

In the last 4% of samsara, we have to wait until those beings in the god and demigod realms fall into the human realm (but this is occurring faster because they are receiving blessings causing them to take rebirth in the human realm), and then at the end, everyone attains enlightenment.

This seems MUCH more accurate than my previous model. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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