Activating the inner Spiritual Guide: How do we practice with the guru’s mind?

Our Guru is a much better Dharma practitioner than we are.  He knows how to enagage in all of the meditations perfectly and he knows how to resolve all of the doubts or problems that can arise.  He has perfect concentration, perfect wisdom and just the right motivation.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just use his mind to meditate instead of our own?  Well, we can.

To understand how we can consider how there are three different types of mantra recitation, verbal, mental and vajra.  Verbal recitation is when we do mantra recitation with our mouth, mental is when we do the recitation with our mind, and vajra is when we do by listening to the Spiritual Guide do it in our mind for us.  Mental is more qualified than verbal, and vajra is more qualified than mental.  In exactly the same way, we can engage in all of our other Dharma practices in these three ways.  For example, we can recite a Sadhana with our mouth, in our mind, or we can have our guru do it in our mind for us.  We can do this with our meditations as well.  When we engage in vajra recitation, sadhana practice of meditation our ordinary mind is completely still and silent.  In this space, we allow our guru to take control of our mind and guide is through our recitation or meditation, filling our mind with each of the realizations implied by the words or lines of thought.  He enters into us, does our practices for us but with our mind – his mind doing them with our mind, so we get all the benefit as if it was him doing our meditations for us.  Once we have a taste for how to practice in this way, we will have no desire to practice in any other way.

So how do we actually engage in vajra recitation or meditation?  What do we need to do to start the process?  First, we need to make our ordinary mind completely still understanding it is just static, contaminated noise.  We then try align our motivation with our guru’s motivation.  We ask ourselves, ‘why does my guru want me to engage in this practice?’  We then try feel that same motivation itself – this is why we want to engage in this practice.  Then, we dissolve our guru into our root mind, strongly believing he is there and understanding that all of our subtle and gross minds arise from our root mind.  Then, make the request that he engage in the practice for you inside your mind.  The feeling is not that his mind is somehow separate from your mind and he is doing it with his mind and you are just watching.  No, the feeling is he picks up your mind and begins his enlightened dance with it, and you go along for the blissful ride.  Each time you recite a word of the sadhana or consider a line of reasoning from the contemplation, transform that recitation or thinking into a faithful, well motivated request that your guru generate within you the appropriate spiritual understanding.  You still say each word of the sadhana, but here you understand the recitation to be a faithful, well-motivated request.  As you do this, keep your ordinary mind completely still and inactive to create the space for the guru’s dance with your mind to take place.

Once we gain some experience of this, we can learn how to accomplish all our daily activities through making requests to our guru to do it through us, for us, for others.  We can do this for every activity, right down to brushing our teeth.  Because we are directing all of our requests to the guru, we naturally have a spiritual motivation in everything we do.

Of particular importance is learning how to fight our delusions with our guru’s mind.  This has several different aspects.  First, we make request that he reveal to us our delusions in a way we can overcome them.  Then we request him to reveal to us what we need to do to overcome them.  Finally, re request him to help us to actually overcome them.  We can learn to overcome all difficulties with our guru’s mind.  One of the easiest ways is to make requests to Dorje Shugden that he pacify all obstacles.  Gen Togden once told me the story of how he dealt with almost all of his obstacles.  An obstacle would arise, he would request Dorje Shugden, “if it is best, please pacify this obstacle; if it is not best to pacify it, please help me transform it.”  After making the request, sometimes the delusions would just go away.  Other times, they wouldn’t.  He would then train his mind in response.  Either way, it was all perfect for him.

We can also make requests to Medicine Buddha that he heal our mind of the difficulty.  We need to break our identification with the delusion by identifying it as the fruit of our ordinary mind.  We generate a strong desire to be free from the delusion or distraction by considering how much misery it causes us.  We then make requests to Medicine Buddha that he heal our mind of this delusion by reciting his mantra.  We imagine that infinite healing light rays radiate out and permeate every aspect of our mind but in particular healing this delusion/distraction and we strongly believe that our mind is becoming completely healed of this particular delusion.  If we have faith as we do this, we will literally feel our mind being healed.

Once we see how this works with a few of our practices, it is not difficult to extend it to all of our Dharma activities:  teaching, working for the center, writing on Facebook, emails or a blog, caring for our family, doing our normal jobs, etc.  We can literally set aside our ordinary self and from this day forward have our guru live our life through us, for us, for others.  It makes travelling the path literally effortless.



3 thoughts on “Activating the inner Spiritual Guide: How do we practice with the guru’s mind?

  1. ” the feeling is he picks up your mind and begins his enlightened dance with it, and you go along for the blissful ride.” How a beautiful way to describe this experience ! thanks is just wonderful !

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