A mind of spiritual adventure

The nature of samsara is uncertainty.  Why is this?  The teachings on emptiness explain that the world is created by our minds.  All things are mere karmic appearances of mind.  At present, our mind is under the influence of delusions.  Delusions function to render our mind uncontrolled – we never know what it is going to do and we have little to no control over how it reacts or operates.  An uncontrolled, uncertain, unpredictable mind creates, then, an uncontrolled, uncertain and unpredictable world.

Given that we have not yet purified our mind of its negative karma, this is a very dangerous state of affairs.  At any point, our mind could do something stupid, this will then trigger or activate the negative karmic potentialities on our mind, giving rise to karmic situations we would rather avoid, situations that we experience as suffering – in simple terms, problems!  Not wanting problems, we then become anxious and worry about what could happen.  So uncertainty in our lives creates a good deal of mental suffering.

So what is the solution to this?  Until we gain perfect control over our minds (which might take awhile…), we cannot eliminate uncertainty in our lives.  Instead, what we need to do is find a more constructive way of relating to this inevitability.  How can we do this?  By adopting the mind of spiritual adventuring.

There are many people in this world who love adventure.  America grew out of this mind – trekking out into the unknown, uncertain about what we will find, but relishing the opportunity to explore and grow through the challenges we will find.  Many people today pack their backpacks and fly out to other countries to go explore.  Millions of young people today spend countless hours playing adventure-related video games in interactive virtual worlds.  The desire for adventure is likewise a fundamental aspect of the human psyche.

What kills this mind of adventure is worry about whether what happens will be ‘bad’ for us.  To keep, then, the mind of spiritual adventure alive we need some protection to make sure whatever happens on our adventure is good for us and for those we love.  In other words, we need controlled, protected adventure.  So how can we get that?  By relying upon Dorje Shugden – to go further, by surrendering all of our karma into his care.

Dorje Shugden’s job is to provide us with the perfect conditions we need for our practice of the stages of the path.  He does not provide us with the perfect conditions for our laziness and attachment.  These are two fundamentally different things.  His constraint in helping us is the karmic material he has to work with on our own mind.  He cannot magically emante things for us if we have not created the karma to have things appear to our mind.  But what he can do is activate karmic seeds on our mind giving rise to certain appearances.  Our mind of faith in him then opens our mind to receive his wisdom blessings which helps us understand how what appears to our mind is in fact perfect for our practice.  Then we don’t worry anymore.  It may be a challenging situation, but we know it is one that has been activated by him and so is therefore within our capacity and contains the mental challenges that we need to take the next steps along the path.  Life is still uncertain, but this uncertainty is not worrisome.  Rather, it is our spiritual adventure led and simulated by our Dharma protector.
Your turn:  Explain how something unexpected in your life can be viewed as part of your spiritual adventure.

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