Key thoughts during practice

Modern Buddhism contains, in effect, the synthesis of the Ganden Oral Lineage.  The Yoga of Buddha Heruka is a method for practicing all of the instructions from Modern Buddhism.  So the goal is to extract the key ideas from Modern Buddhism and integrate them into the practice of the Yoga of Buddha Heruka.  By doing so, I will be able to practice the essence of the Ganden Oral Lineage every day.

Here are the key thoughts I can use towards this end:

  1. Before refuge:  I have a precious human life with which I can completely pacify my mind and build my pure land.  But I may die today, so I do not have a moment to lose.  Since I have not purified, it is just a question of time before I fall into the lower realms.  To protect against this, I must build the foundation of refuge within my mind.  I must make effort to receive Buddha’s blessings, to put the Dharma into practice and to receive help from the Sangha.  Then, imagining that I am surrounded by all living beings, with my family, friends and colleagues closest to me, I imagine we all recite the refuge prayer to the three jewels in the space in front of me.
  2. Before bodhichitta.  It is not enough to attain temporary freedom from particular sufferings, but I must attain permanent liberation from the sufferings of all of my countless future lives.  It is not enough to just attain liberation for myself, but I must strive for complete freedom for every aspect of my mind.  I must transform myself into Keajra.  I offer myself to all living beings and will transform myself into Keajra (I will become whatever it is that they need).  I will refrain from harming anyone and will work solely for the benefit of others.  I will patiently accept whatever difficulties arise in the completion of this task.  I will apply unwavering effort until the task is complete.  I will dedicate every moment of my life single-pointedly to the accomplishment of this mission.  I must transform the ocean of my mind into Keajra so that I may lead every being from the deepest hell to the highest enlightenment.  Then, I lead all beings in the bodhichitta prayer and the prayer of the seven limbs and the mandala.
  3. (I add the Migtsema prayer after the mandala)  As I recite the Migstema prayer, imagine that you download into you Buddha Shakyamuni and Vajradhara (fully qualified Sutra and Tantic Spiritual Guide), Avalokitehsvara (the compassion of all of the Buddhas), Manjushri (the wisdom of all of the buddhas) and Vajrapani (the Spiritual Power of all of the Buddhas).  Then, afterwards, with deep faith request the following blessings:  Ma I work solely for the benefit of dream like sentient beings.  May I always know what to do and realize the only thing that needs to change is my mind.  May I have the power to walk away from my samsara and my delusions, in particular my self-cherishing.
  4. After dissolve guru into heart:  May my every thought be yours.  May my every word be yours.  May my every action be you working through me.  May there be no trace whatsover of me and no independent self-will.  I am your Avatar.  Then think, I am going to die now, please lead me to the Pure Land.  Strongly believe you are actually dying, and engage in the three bringings.
  5. For the checking meditation, think as follows:  The ocean of my mind has transformed into Keajra.  I offer all beings the nada (for Completion Stage meditators), and a fully qualified Kadampa Spiritual Guide (JTK at my heart).  I am Heruka Father and Mother, the Spiritual Father of all living beings (recall feeling of being a father).  I am the principal of the body mandala (recall feeling of being the indestructible drop and of being a spiritual doctor).  I balance their inner elements and offer them a banquet of the five objects of desire (great bliss wheel).  I heal their subtle body so that all of their winds may flow effortlessly into their central channel at their heart (Mind, Body and Speech wheels).  I offer them completely pure sense doors so that they may perceive only the Pure Land (commitment wheel).  I have brought them all into a Kadampa Buddhist Temple so that I can teach them all the Kadam Dharma (celestial mansion).  I emanate all of the different Pure Lands for beings of different capacities (Mount Meru).  I watch over the Continents, the completely purified three thousand worlds, the City of Enlightenment.  I protect all living beings so that only purity may enter the Pure Land (the protection circle).  I emanate the charnel grounds so that beings may have a training ground.  Others may view it as samsara, but I emanate countless emanations to help guide beings into my pure view.  Everything is protected and emanated by Dorje Shugden, so everything is perfect for the enlightenment of all beings (Dorje Shugden’s protection circle).  This is all taking place within the ocean of my Dharmakaya mind.
  6. After mantra recitation, do the yoga of inconceivability, then arise out of the Dharmakaya as 2-armed Heruka.  Then think successively:  I am inside my central channel at my heart.  I am inside the indestructible drop.  I am inside the nada.  The earth element dissolves, and I perceive the mirage like appearance.  The water element dissolves, and I perceive the smoke-like appearance.  The fire element dissolves and I perceive the sparkling fire flies-like appearance.  The wind element dissolves and I perceive the candle-flame like appearance.  I perceive white appearance.  Red increase.  Black near attainment.  Clear Light emptiness.  All of the waves of contaminated appearance have completely subsided and I abide in the complete stillnesss and purity of the Dharmakaya.  I experience great bliss and my mind is free from all obstructions in all directions.  All barriers between myself and all things have completely dissolved (feel as if you have merged into all things in the Dharmakaya).
  7. Then arise from the Dhamakaya again as Heruka and do Dorje Shugden.  After all of the attainments I desire…, request:  please protect myself and all beings forever and always so that everything that arises is always perfect for our swiftest possible enlightenment.  Please bless me with the wisdom to realize how you have made it so.

Your turn:  What contemplations do you use to generate a personalized mind of refuge?

3 thoughts on “Key thoughts during practice

  1. KR:
    Thanks so much for this contemplation…not much to say by my self…i would like to be prepare to contemplate and do the same…i am going to practice until i could make it natural….this is like blessings filling my mind…i feel very grateful…: )

  2. Could say loads about Sadhana practice but will briefly mention meditation break as i am studying for a Physics exam so not time.

    Change mind
    Integrate everything

    I try make everything integrate into my life ‘meditation’, use everything. Integration is key. At night i use the gifts given from others (my experience) to contemplate cause and effect,my mistakes and where i can improve compassion etc

    The night is like a plan for the next day on how to not make those same mistakes by using Lamrim minds to help me feel at peace and to hopefully help others do the same. Wish me luck!

  3. Thank you very much for this reflexions Kadam Ryan, they are very inspiring and useful and give me strength to my practice, I think this feedback in important.

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