Karma is interesting

I woke up at 4 in the morning with a flash of insight, I came and spent the last 2 hours typing it out into this blog, I then categorized it and tried to publish it, but for some reason it failed and I lost everything!  It was, in essence, about how I need to strive for complete freedom of every aspect of my mind (meaning every other living being).  So I need to leave them completely free from their own side to engage in all of the actions that lead to their own enlightenment and how it is a karmic contradiction to try control them in any way.  I also explained, in detail, how there is no contradiction between a Buddha seeing everyone as a Buddha and their compassionate actions of leading all beings to enlightenment (their pure view is their compassionate action).  I guess writing it all out was for my own mental clarification.

When I went to hit publish, I was hit with a couple of other thoughts which I will write now:

  1. Venerable Geshe-la should do a blog.  How cool would it be to have his daily reflections on the Dharma which we all could then contemplate.
  2. The highest profession a being could have in this world is to be a Dharma teacher.  Every profession solves some problem and brings some benefit to others, but only being a Dharma teacher solves all the problems of this and all of our future lives.  As I embark upon my new profession, I must recall that my being a diplomat is simply part of my training for the highest profession of all, namely being a Kadampa Spiritual Guide.  I need to gain the skills of a diplomat, the realizations of how to transform a normal life into retreat and the karmic connections with all the beings of the whole world so that in the future I may lead them all along the paths to enlightenment.  Also, by becoming a model employee for others I create the causes to have model ’employees’ helping me fulfill my bodhichitta wishes for others in the future (like a bunch of Chosang’s helping me).

Your turn:  Explain how through your current job you can create karma which will help you when you become a Kadampa Spiritual Guide in the future.

3 thoughts on “Karma is interesting

  1. Exactly. Living beings were never impure. Never have been…

    This is not a direct response to your request:

    Interestingly, even from a conventional physics point of view, beings are in fact light. We just cannot see that type of light. Our matter is essentially empty space and energy but our atoms don’t gain sufficient energy for us to emit visible light (like what Buddha Shakyamuni could do!)

    KEY point: We actually always only ever see living beings from a reference point in the past. We ‘imagine’ and conceptualize/entrap living beings in ordinary aggregates.

    Similarily, when we look at the stars or the sun we are looking back in time. We see the sun 8/9 minutes in the past because light takes many moments to travel to Earth.

    What has this got to do with your post? Time. Time distorts our reality and peace of mind. Karma is like governed by time. If hidden objects were manifest in our mind we could see all living beings correctly as Buddhas, as they have been from the very beginning.

    All living beings are just echoes of light. Timeless. And time can only function in a momentary world. If you can see someone because of light, then you see and are aware of moments in time. A persons physical appearance is a moment of light in apparent time. Their ‘real’ appearance is very different to what our karma illuminates for us.

    Of course all living beings are, in the future, saviours of humanity. They too will have a different physical appearance in apparent time.

  2. Another View: I imagine that all people at my work already correctly see me as a Vajra guide.

    Before i go to work, i see the building and place a protection circle around it. When people send me an email asking for things, they are making requests to me. When i send emails, i emanate exactly what they need.

    Whenever they look at me, they see my real nature. Whenever i go to the canteen and i am offered food by the waiters, i accept the offerings internally from them.

    All of the stress i sense through the day is the delusions i have taken on, they are not my delusions, they are my coworkers’ delusions i am experiencing for them.

    As i imagine i am enlightened, ‘their’ delusions of anger and anxieties are something i can apply silent watcher to. I watch their delusions and invoke my Vajrasattva self to silently heal the minds of others.

    As i judge others as negative, vulgour, stupid, fat, ugly, lazy and so on, i remember silent watcher. Delusions prevent me from deciding to choose what mind to follow. Silent watcher is key in daily life. All these nasty people i see are actually following pure moral discipline in the future and always will. Seeing them now as impure is mistaken since momentary appearances are deceptive.

    All beings i meet are practicing pure moral discipline, Vajrasattva tests me as i see each being harm one another. These are the wrong views of my students i am taking on. I purge the hatred of others and cleanse myself with the help from the Prince. I don’t have to live in a world of harm and suffering. In the pure land, no one harms anyone, everyone is such a pure being.

    Creating strong pure karma depends on vows and purification. So, so important. Really handy for specific relationships such as people at work.

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