Please visit the following links:

New Kadampa Tradition:

Tharpa Publications:

Dorje Shugden Debate:  This site is a thorough examination of the arguments made with respect to the “controversy” surrounding Dorje Shugden

Kadampa Life:  Blog from an extraordinary Kadampa Practitioner for more than 30 years!

Daily Lamrim:  Outstanding blog from a very pure Kadampa practitioner.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Dead writer,

    I want to thank you from the deepest parts of my heart. The story of your father is one I relate to almost word for word. Tonight my father sent me a text that he wanted me out of his life for good. I read your story and can’t tell you the places in my heart it touched. Thank you so much. Your words saved my life. Thank you. I am forever a fan.

    • I hope things heal with your father. The bottom line is when our fathers think in this way, it is their delusions talking, not them. Your real father loves you and wants a close relationship with you. Unfortunately, that father is buried under a bunch of mental crap which you have little control over. Our job is to forgive, to love, and to let go of attachment to them loving us back. We don’t cooperate with their dysfunction, but we don’t shut the door either. Hard stuff. I wish you luck.

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