Transforming our life into the Quick Path: Waking up to a new reality


The purpose of this series of posts can be summed up in one phrase:  to explain the wisdom necessary to transform any life into the quick path, so we can help all beings attain enlightenment where they stand.

Because all lives are equally empty, any life can equally be transformed into the quick path.  Because we grasp at our life and our activities as being inherently ordinary, we block ourselves from being able to transform our lives or our activities into the quick path.  But when we let go of this grasping, realizing that because everything is equally empty, everything can equally be transformed into the quick path, then we free up the creative wisdom within our mind to be able to in fact transform our life into the quick path.

Very often people think that they cannot attain enlightenment in their current situation, and so they seek to make all sorts of external changes thinking that will bring them closer to enlightenment.  But in reality, no matter how many external changes we make, if we don’t change our mind, we will never attain enlightenment.  We don’t need to go anywhere or have anything different in our life to attain enlightenment.  What we have right now is completely perfect.  In short, our objective should be in every moment of every situation to ‘attain enlightenment where we stand.’  Once we learn how to transform our own life into the quick path, we will be able to help all others do the same because the same basic principles apply.

To transform our life into the quick path, we only need 4 things:  a correct view, a pure intention, a good story and wise actions.  We will develop all of these in detail during this series of posts.

  1. Correct view.  We are currently hallucinating a contaminated world, and we don’t even realize it.  As a result, we engage in contaminated actions which keep the hallucination going.  Like all hallucinations, this one is uncontrolled, and at any point can change into something very terrible where we can get sucked into hellish suffering for incalculably long periods of time.  We have the extraordinary good fortune to have met a fully qualified spiritual guide and to have all the conditions necessary to once and for all put an end to this uncontrolled, contaminated hallucination we call samsara. If we learn how to do this, we will then be able to help all others do the same and put an end to their hallucinations.
  2. A pure intention.  An impure intention is one that seeks something within the hallucination, like a better hallucination.  A pure intention is one that seeks to put an end to the hallucination or to wake up from it.  A great intention is one where we seek to put an end to all the hallucinations of all living beings so that they can all be free.  The supreme intention, or bodhichitta, is one where we wish to transform ourself into a fully enlightened being so we can fulfill all our pure intentions for ourself and for others.  When we adopt the supreme intention, every object acquires a new function.  Namely, everything functions for us as a cause of our enlightenment.  We see how everything can be used towards that end.
  3. A good story.  A good story is the ‘story of our life,’ or our life narrative, that ties everything together and gives us purpose in this world and informs our actions.  Because everything is equally empty, no story is ‘actually true’, but different stories will have different benefits when we live our life by them.  To transform our life into the quick path, we need to have a good story of our life which makes every aspect of our life part of our training to become a Buddha.  Ultimately, all stories are equally empty, but conventionally, we can say one story is more valid than another by how well it explains everything and how beneficial it is to believe.  When we believe a conventionally valid story to be true, it will literally become our living reality.  This is the power of correct imagination.  Prior to Dharma, our story was ‘find happiness in this world by getting the external conditions just right.’  This story didn’t work very well, and we just kept suffering and making our life worse.  Once we found the Dharma, our story became, ‘I and everyone I love is in samsara, and I need to get everyone out.’  This is a much more beneficial story, and leads you in the right direction.
  4. Wise actions.  Our view determines our actions.  If our view is correct, our intention will be correct and then our actions will be correct.  Wisdom is virtuous intelligence.  Virtuous means minds that make our mind more peaceful and therefore serve as the causes of happiness.  We will be happy if our mind is peaceful, and our mind will be peaceful if it is mixed with virtue.  Intelligence means we know what works and how to do things in the most effective way for accomplishing our goals.  If our actions are good, our karma will be good.  If our karma is good, our experiences and our world will be good.  There will be a delay between when we engage in the wise actions and when our experience and our world changes, but it will definitely come.  It is just a question of creating a critical mass of good causes.

If we rely on Dorje Shugden, and completely surrender our life to his protection, then we can see all of our life as an emanated training simultation of the mind, inside our mind.  We can believe we are actually within a bodhisattva training simultation, orchastrated by Dorje Shugden, to forge us into the Buddha we need to become. 

According to out Tantric practice, we can believe we are a tantric bodhisattva whose home base is in the pure land of all the Buddhas.  Since each day we go visit our home in the pure land during our Tantric practice, we can say that the pure land is where we are from.  During the empowerment, it was where we were spiritually reborn.  It is our real home world.   We can view our normal waking world as the charnel grounds in the pure land.  When others look at the world, they see samsara.  When we look at the world, we understand it to be the training grounds.  Our waking reality is actually part of the pure land.  It is Kadampa boot camp.