Our reality is constructed by the choices we make

I had a dream where I had made a different choice back when I was in college to have cheated on Claudine (I didn’t actually do so, but in the dream I saw what my life would have been like if I had).  My life was very different and very much more pervaded by suffering.  It was awful, in fact.  But I didn’t know it as a dream, but it was and felt like my actual life and my actual reality.  At one point, I even doubted whether it was real but then came to accept that this was and always had been my life.  Then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

What I realized from this very clearly is our reality is constructed by the choices we make.  If we make wrong karmic choices, then whole karmic worlds will be created which differ from and are the same nature as the negative choice.  But if we always make good karmic choices, then likewise whole karmic worlds will be created which will be the same nature as a good choice.  Sub-consciously we allow ourselves to engage in negative actions because we think we can get away with it or that the karmic consequences will be in a future life (which we aren’t really sure exists anyways).  But even in this life, each moment we are constructing our karmic reality through the choices we make.

There are infinite possibilities for the trajectory of our life.  We need to choose wisely.

Your turn:  Give an example of how if you had made some wrong choice earlier in your life everything would be different now.

2 thoughts on “Our reality is constructed by the choices we make

  1. I don’t have an example of a wrong choice, or maybe there are just too many! But I have an example of a right choice I could have made if I had the karma, which was to meet Geshe-la when I was wandering around northern England in 1983, looking for something to bring meaning to my life. My life might be very different now if I had met him then!

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